My History

I have been designing concepts, user interfaces & user experiences for the past 12 years. It all started at college which led to me to getting my bachelors degree in media technology at University. In 2002 I Co-Founded Flame Multimedia (now Geo-Flame) before being acquired by NVT Group in 2006.

After 6 years as the creative director of Flame I left to start a career in freelancing with a focus on bespoke web composites, which I have been doing since 2008. During this period I worked with Nvable Ltd as a senior design consultant (a 6 month retainer contract that actually lasted 2 and half years.) My time at Nvable was both rewarding and challenging at the same time, working on some high level projects for clients such as, British Airways, North Lanarkshire Council, Angus Council, Bombardier, just to name a few. In 2013 I took a year off to focus on some personal side projects and to recharge the batteries.

Why I do what I do

I love designing, I really do.  The challenge, the engaging of the creative side of my mind is such a buzz and the chance to be creative is what drives me on a daily basis.  Being presented with a problem and finding a solution via design has been the reason why I have been in this industry for the past 12 years.

I have done all the normal 9-5 jobs but I got bored very easily, however with design there has never been a time were I’ve got bored.   Over the years I have started or partnered a few small on-line businesses, this experience has helped me understand and fine tune my web concepts to be business objective orientated while designing for the user,   there is no point in having a design that looks good if it does not ROI or meet the business goals.